We were asked several years ago to speak to our church on the subject of nutrition, using whole foods and purchasing items in bulk. Word spread and we found ourselves, through no initiative of our own, repeating this seminar again and again. Soon we were asked to speak on other topics including finances, child training and home birth. This remains our philosophy: If the Lord wants us to speak, He will send someone to us who is willing to host and arrange the details. We are willing to come as He leads and provides.

The Child-Training Seminar

We all need encouragement when striving to raise godly children. God’s Word has so much to say on this topic. It is up to us to apply it, and we will bear the harvest of what we have cultivated in the greenhouses of our homes (both in this life and the next). In our child-training seminar we share how a naïve, but well meaning couple, who were never going to say “No” to their child, because that was negative, embraced the Biblical principles for training their children, much to their (our) pleasure. We do not claim to be a perfect family by any means, but we will share the scriptures we look to for guidance, admonition and affirmation in Biblical child-training, as well as investigate the potential fruit from common “seeds” families bring into their homes. Time varies upon specific topics and questions. Allow three hours.