We were asked several years ago to speak to our church on the subject of nutrition, using whole foods and purchasing items in bulk. Word spread and we found ourselves, through no initiative of our own, repeating this seminar again and again. Soon we were asked to speak on other topics including finances, child training and home birth. This remains our philosophy: If the Lord wants us to speak, He will send someone to us who is willing to host and arrange the details. We are willing to come as He leads and provides.

The Financial Seminar

Are you ready to control your finances instead of being controlled by them? Learn logical principles regarding budgeting, saving and investing as well as how to get and stay out of debt. This talk, originally presented in a university setting, will fill you in on the history of the American monetary system, which gives great insight into our current economy. Last, but not least, we will investigate the Biblical principles on spending, banking and borrowing. This is a two-hour seminar able to be divided by a short break.