We were asked several years ago to speak to our church on the subject of nutrition, using whole foods and purchasing items in bulk. Word spread and we found ourselves, through no initiative of our own, repeating this seminar again and again. Soon we were asked to speak on other topics including finances, child training and home birth. This remains our philosophy: If the Lord wants us to speak, He will send someone to us who is willing to host and arrange the details. We are willing to come as He leads and provides.

The Food Seminar

This is our original talk covering a wide variety of food issues. You will learn some basic nutrition principles and information about the Standard American Diet (SAD), which are both informative and shocking. Find out about purchasing food in bulk in order to feed a family of four adults delicious and healthful meals for $150 a month and how to conveniently store and use this food. We bring many sample resources with us (well, everything but the kitchen sink) so you can get a feel for the items and tools straight from the Fassero Test Kitchen. We like to see married couples attend together as there is so much information presented, it is terribly difficult for one person to go home and effectively relay the essentials to a spouse. This seminar usually lasts two hours for the teaching segment. Add an additional 1 hours for a lively Q & A discussion. We have done this in the evenings many times, but a Saturday usually works best.