We were asked several years ago to speak to our church on the subject of nutrition, using whole foods and purchasing items in bulk. Word spread and we found ourselves, through no initiative of our own, repeating this seminar again and again. Soon we were asked to speak on other topics including finances, child training and home birth. This remains our philosophy: If the Lord wants us to speak, He will send someone to us who is willing to host and arrange the details. We are willing to come as He leads and provides.

Natural Birth Talk

This is an informal talk about our experience with home birth, originally given to a child development class in a university setting, but also appropriate for couples or women interested in the topic. God designed a woman’s body to give birth and endowed women with instincts to help them through each birthing experience. We believe it is best to strive for the most natural birth possible for each individual woman and baby, whether in the hospital, birthing center, or home. We had two excellent birth experiences in a traditional hospital setting, yet felt led to have our successive children at home. This talk explores that journey, as well as pros and cons of each birth environment choice from a laywoman’s perspective. Approximately one hour.