We were asked several years ago to speak to our church on the subject of nutrition, using whole foods and purchasing items in bulk. Word spread and we found ourselves, through no initiative of our own, repeating this seminar again and again. Soon we were asked to speak on other topics including finances, child training and home birth. This remains our philosophy: If the Lord wants us to speak, He will send someone to us who is willing to host and arrange the details. We are willing to come as He leads and provides.

Seminars & Talks

We never thought we would be speaking on any of these issues, but for some reason the Lord has sent people to us asking for our insights on these things. Everything good we have to say comes from Him. We are just the mouthpieces. We have many more issues and areas we are excited to share with people, but only as He leads. If you see something on our site you would like to hear more about, please feel free to contact us.  This is His ministry and we are willing to say, “Here am I, Lord. Send me,” but we are willing to wait until He says, “Who will go?”