The Need for Clear Bible Teaching

The Church today doesn't look terribly different from the world around us. We find ourselves continuing to struggle with many of the same issues our unbelieving neighbors do: debt, pornography, substance abuse, hatred, envy, marriage and family strife, adultery, domestic violence, greed, child molestation, same-sex attraction, and the list goes on. It's all there in the pews with us every Sunday. These are the same sins Satan has been trapping people in throughout history. Jesus Christ can free us and give us victory over them, but it's hard to know how God wants us to live if we aren't familiar with what He has to say about these issues. He shares deep wisdom with us in the Bible, and the Church would be so much better off if we just had a clear understanding about what God's written word says, not just about salvation, but about the difficult and complicated situations in which we often find ourselves.

Scripture Shortage

“Behold, the days are coming,” says the Lord God, “That I will send a famine on the land, not a famine of bread, nor a thirst for water, but of hearing the words of the Lord.”—Amos 8:11

Folks, we are there. Even many of the most sincere, God-seeking, out-reaching, evangelical churches week after week after week teach sermons encouraging the listeners to get saved, to trust god in the trials, or to forgive others, and They pepper them with jokes, illustrations, and personal stories. the hearers may even walk away encouraged, calmed, or entertained, but how much deeper do they know the triune God or his ways and power or know the scripture that teaches us about him? God's Word says in John 12:32, “If I be lifted up, I will draw all men to myself.” Christ spoke here of his crucifixion, but we can see that when Jesus is lifted up and made the main focus of our worship services and Bible studies, believers and seekers will be drawn to it. This can be done no better way than focusing on the written word pointing us to Christ.Bible Teaching

Expository Preaching

Expository preaching is simply teaching the Bible verse by verse, preferably working through an entire Bible book from beginning to end, to ensure proper context, looking at each verse, finding the significance of the passages and coming to conclusions and understanding of what the passage intends to communicate based on what is written there. It is also essential to look at supporting scriptures for confirmation and clarification. The goal should not be to teach any particular doctrine or concept, but just to understand and explain what is already there in scripture.

The following expository Bible teachings are available for free audio download and include a printable study guide. You are welcome to distribute them without charge, unmodified, and in their entirety. We hope they will be a blessing to you and many others.

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The Book of Daniel (mp3)Study Guides (pdf)

  1. Daniel 1 (37:31)Daniel 1 Study Guide
  2. Daniel 2 (44:03)Daniel 2 Study Guide
  3. Daniel 3 (39:12)Daniel 3 Study Guide
  4. Daniel 4 (48:37)Daniel 4 Study Guide
  5. Daniel 5 (44:48)Daniel 5 Study Guide
  6. Daniel 6 (39:08)Daniel 6 Study Guide
  7. Daniel 7 (41:50)Daniel 7 Study Guide
  8. Daniel 8 (40:40)Daniel 8 Study Guide
  9. Daniel 9 (45:16)Daniel 9 Study Guide
  10. Daniel 10 (40:13)Daniel 10 Study Guide
  11. Daniel 11 (39:41)Daniel 11 Study Guide
  12. Daniel 12 (34:08)Daniel 12 Study Guide