The WonderMix

The WonderMix

Introducing the quickest and most powerful kitchen mixer on the market!

No food is more widely loved than homemade bread. This simplest of foods has such a ministry to the body and soul. Kneading the bread, however, is not always so simple. The WonderMix, is a wonder at transforming this chore. Simply measure the ingredients into the large bowl, set the mixing speed and let your WonderMix do the work. The heavy duty Tru-Mix dough hook closely mimics the kneading action of your hand. If you are anything like me, the machine does a much better job than my hands! The dough produced is smooth and elastic with well-formed gluten, a necessity for successful bread.

The WonderMix

We have used several different machines for making bread ranging from popular start-to-finish bread makers, traditional mixers with dough hooks, and other alternative mixers produced with a focus on kneading dough. We recommend and distribute mixers primarily for those people who need a heavy-duty, large-capacity kitchen mixer for the purpose of kneading fresh-ground flour into bread dough. If you do not need a large capacity kneader, a small stand mixer with a dough hook will probably work great. Please visit our kneader/mixer comparison page. In the past, we have distributed the Ankarsrum Mixer, previously know as the Electrolux Assistent. As our goal is to promote living simply and economically in order to escape the bondage of debt and to be able to give financially to God's work, when the price of these mixers increased substantially, we no longer felt we could recommend them in good conscience.

However, we have good news! The WonderMix has come on the market as a new, powerful option in bread-kneading mixers at a reasonable price! The WonderMix is a high-powered, quality machine designed with committed bakers in mind. The manufacturer says, "One thing that we focused on in manufacturing the WonderMix stand mixer is quality parts that will last and hold up to heavy use, from the motor and gears to everything else. If you want to mix dough for 8 loaves of whole wheat bread you won’t have to worry about hurting your mixer, it's built to take it." WonderMix intends to stand behind that claim with a lifetime limited warranty! So put it to the test!

We did just that. Many kneader/mixers will only knead one-half to two-thirds of their capacity, due to the fact that the dough either comes out of the open mixing bowl or the machine groans under the overload. The bowl on the WonderMix was able to accommodate a large bread recipe consisting of 17 C. of flour—no problem! Many machines hopped around the countertop, but the WonderMix stays put! The WonderMix is brought to you by the same highly reputable company that produces the Wonder Mill. The WonderMix is rugged and built in the best way possible for kneading. Other machines seem to stress and strain at kneading. The WonderMix almost “looks like it knows what it is doing.” You'll probably never even need the lifetime warranty, but it's there for you-just in case.

Click here for a comparison between the WonderMix, Ankarsrum/Electrolux Assistent®, Bosch Universal Plus, and K-TEC Kitchenetics K2.

The WonderMix Specifications

  • Simple & Easy to use.
  • Easy to clean!—Dishwasher Safe Bowl
  • Easy to store - Conveniently fits under overhead kitchen cabinets.
  • Powerful 900 Watt Motor with Direct Drive High Torque Transmission.
  • Quiet Operation
  • Will not "walk off" counter.
  • 3 Speeds + Pulse
  • Large 22 Cup Mixing Bowl (5.5 qt.)
  • Heavy Duty Tru-Mix Dough Hook
  • Safety Bowl Locking System
  • Designed, Engineered & Licensed in Germany
  • Dimensions - 13" W x 9" D x 12" H
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

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The WonderMix

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