Hydrotech R.O. System

Hydrotech® Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water System

The Hydrotech® Reverse Osmosis (R.O.) Drinking Water System combines mechanical filtration with R.O. technology for effective water treatment at your fingertips. This system employs four separate low-maintenance filters to virtually eliminate water impurities. The water first passes through a sediment filter and continues on through a carbon filter for chemical removal. The third and most important element is the Thin Film Composite Reverse Osmosis Membrane. The R.O membrane is the finest filter removing even the smallest bacteria and viruses. The filtered water then passes into the 3.8-gallon storage tank for ready use. At the time of dispensing, the water passes through the fourth and final filter, another carbon filter, to eliminate trace impurities which may have accumulated in the storage tank.

These long-life filters enable you to install your system and virtually forget about it for a year or more other than periodically checking the Smartap® Water Quality Monitor with the press of a button. The first, second and fourth filters have a life span of approximately one to two years, depending upon source water quality. The TFC membrane is so fine it actually begins to clog routinely during filtration. Thus the need for reverse osmosis, wherein water is passed backwards through this filter, cleansing it and flushing the impurities down the waste water line. The life span of this filter is often two to three years, also depending upon source water quality. The system is manufactured using the finest materials available, including NSF® approved plastics and is 100% tested and sanitized in preparation for shipment.

Many water purification systems do an excellent job for the first few weeks, but often become a virtual storehouse for bacteria and other pollutants, thus greatly reducing their effectiveness. This is the first water purification system we have found which actually has an onboard testing system. Hydrotech® Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Systems are equipped with a patented Smartap® Water Quality Monitor which compares the source water to the dispensed water to determine membrane performance. The Smartap® Push Button Monitor is activated at the touch of a button and immediately reports the results by illuminating colored lights.

If you have other questions regarding water filtration, reverse osmosis or distillation please Read Our FAQ.

Hydrotech® R.O. Drinking Water System Benefits

  • Better than bottled water for just pennies a day
  • Crystal clear water without chlorine or flouride
  • Easy installation
  • Very low maintenance

Hydrotech® R.O. Drinking Water System Performance

  • System tested and certified by NSF International to ANSI/NSF Standard 58 for contaminant reduction and output performance as specified in the Performance Data Sheet
  • Removes virtually all chemicals and heavy metals, including lead, barium, copper, fluoride, chromium, cadmium, radium, selenium, and nitrates
  • Removes virtually all asbestos and cysts including Cryptosporidium, Giardia, and Entamoeba
  • Product water output volume—25 gallons per day

Hydrotech® R.O. Drinking Water System Specifications

  • Patented unitary manifold
  • Patented flow control
  • Patented Smartap® Water Quality Monitor
  • 5-micron string-wound polypropylene filter for sediment removal
  • 10-micron activated carbon filters for chemical and odor removal
  • Thin Film Composite Reverse Osmosis Membrane for contaminant removal
  • Water storage tank with 3.8 gallon capacity
  • Chrome-plated brass dispensing faucet
  • Each system 100% tested and sanitized in preparation for shipment
  • Full two-year warranty
  • Performance data sheet
  • Filtration chart

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