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The Wonder Mill

Meet the quickest, quietest, and most powerful electric grain mill on the market!

No food is more widely loved than homemade bread. This simplest of foods has such a ministry to the body and soul.

In just a few additional minutes, your already wonderful homemade bread will be improved with health and flavor benefits beyond belief! Read about the health benefits of fresh-ground grain. Many electric grain mills are unpleasant to use because of their high decibel level, prompting some owners to resort to grinding flour in the garage, outdoors or using ear protection in the kitchen. With The Wonder Mill, this is completely unnecessary. The Wonder Mill is no louder than the typical household vacuum cleaner and without the high-pitched squeal produced by many mills. This is truly a high quality product with residential kitchen use in mind.

The Wonder Mill, with its microburst technology, quickly grinds and produces the finest flour of any mill on the market. The heart of the mill is a patented, stainless steel Microburst® milling chamber. Microburst® milling chamberThe milling chamber consists of two plates which fit together, both lined with stainless steel teeth. One side is stationary while the other rotates at thousands of RPM's. Gravity pulls the grain into the center of the milling chamber. Centrifugal force propels the grain past the rows of teeth, causing them to “explode” into the finest freshest flour. Unlike traditional mills, the teeth never touch each other, thus eliminating most of the friction encountered during the traditional milling process. This enables a cool grinding process which will not overheat your flour and destroy vital nutrients as in some electric grinders and blenders, such as the VitaMix® (See our grain mill comparison.) A non-aluminum, non-stone grinding mechanism is a must. (Read our FAQ for why aluminum is hazardous to your health. Also find out why modern stone-ground flour is bad for your health.) The Wonder Mill is powerful and built to last. You'll probably never even need the lifetime warranty, but it's there for you-just in case!

The Wonder Mill is easy to assemble, easy to use and easy to clean. The large grinding canister with snap on lid gives you easy and immediate access to your fresh flour. These accessories are all super easy to clean --just dust off with a dry cloth. For more thorough cleaning, simply wipe the accessories with a damp cloth or put them in the top rack of your dishwasher. The Wonder Mill is attractive and compact, fitting easily on the kitchen countertop.

This high-quality machine was inspired by the widely popular Grain Master Whisper Mill. In fact, after the Whisper Mill company from Utah went out of business in 2005, its molds and production equipment were purchased by a seperate company which began producing The Wonder Mill with the same appearance and technology as the former Grain Master Whisper Mill. Perhaps you could say, “The Grain Master Whisper Mill has been Born Again!” However, some notable improvements have been made to the Wonder Mill that make it far superior to its predecessor:

  • The WonderMill now contains the most powerful motor of electric grain mills on the market 1250 watts! This new high power motor from LG Electronics also contains better quality parts than the Daewoo motor of the WhisperMill. These improvements make the common problem of clogging, a thing of the past.
  • The WonderMill has proven to be the strongest, long-lasting home mill on the market. In fact, the WonderMill Electric Grain Mill Company challenges any other electric noncommercial mill on the market to a test: The NutriMill was pitted against the WonderMill to see which mill could continually grind the longest. The NutriMill lasted about 3 hours before it overheated, grinding approximately 300 pounds of whole grain wheat, which was impressive. However, the WonderMill Electric Grain mill successfully ground 1,000 lbs. of whole grain wheat, running continuously for 9.5 hours without stopping or overheating before the operators finally decided the thing was not going to quit and turned it off, ending the test. INCREDIBLE!! The WonderMill Electric Grain Mill has the power of a commercial mill!
  • The flour tube has been widened from its previously tapered shape to prevent clogging in that part.
  • The previously problematic canister lid quality has been upgraded to durable, food-grade plastic for a lifetime of use.
  • Colored guide arrows have been added inside the canister lid for proper placement of the cyclo cup for optimal performance.

Please see how the Wonder Mill compares with the Nutrimill and the Ultramill, two of the other leading grain mills.

The Wonder Mill Benefits

  • Grinds the finest, freshest, and healthiest flour in just seconds
  • Easy to clean & store
  • All accessories are dishwasher safe
  • Conveniently fits under overhead kitchen cabinets

The Wonder Mill Performance

  • Grinds 1 cup of wheat into 1½ cups of flour in just 15 seconds
  • Grinds all dry grains and legumes
  • Will not overheat

The Wonder Mill Specifications

  • Quality made since 1994
  • 12-cup Canister with lid
  • Powerful 1250-watt, 1¾ HP motor
  • Permanently lubricated—Never needs maintenance
  • Dimensions—12" High × 8½" Round
  • Weight—11 pounds
  • Full lifetime warranty and excellent customer service

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