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As a teaching ministry, we have made a great attempt not to offer “every product on the market.” We are not a public retailer, but rather offer resources to the Body of Christ, in order that the things which we teach may be more easily implemented. I find it disheartening to visit a website offering several competing grain mills and then read their individual write-ups which tell me each is faster, stronger, and all-around better than the other. Hogwash!   Sometimes one machine outperforms another at one chore, while itself being outperformed on another chore. In an attempt to save people money, such that there might be more given to God’s work, we often lean toward a less expensive option, but not at a great sacrifice to quality or performance.

We have attempted to evaluate fairly the three major electric grain mills on the market, for your benefit as well as ours. We were specifically looking for a mill that would produce fine flour, fairly quickly, without excessive noise. A non-aluminum, non-stone grinding mechanism is a must. (Read our FAQ for why aluminum is hazardous to your health. Also find out why modern stone-ground flour is bad for your health.)

The Vita Mix® has been highly marketed as a grain mill/kitchen wonder, when in fact it is only a very high-quality blender. It is terribly loud, overheats the flour (see our FAQ), does not produce as fine a flour and is low capacity. Other than the price, the Vita Mix is a wonderful blender (we have one and use it often), but it should not be used as a grain mill, nor as a juicer, as which it is also marketed. If you are looking for the best electric grain mill, the following are our findings:

The Wonder Mill
Wonder Mill
Ultramill (Vital Mill)
Ultramill (Vital Mill)
12 Cup Capacity*20 Cup Capacity*20 Cup Capacity*
Super QuietNot As Quiet
with slight high pitch squeal
Not As Quiet
with high pitch squeal
Texture Knob adjusts
from fine to coarse**
Texture Knob adjusts
from fine to coarse**
No Texture Knob**
Grinds Super-FineGrinds FineGrinds Fine
Quick & Easy Flour Access Easy Flour AccessEasy but Awkward Access
plus 8.5” canister
Lifetime WarrantyLimited Lifetime WarrantyLimited Lifetime Warranty

*We do not recommend filling any of these machines to over 75% of their capacity as it tends to make a large mess and could possible damage (clog) the grinder.

**None of these machines will produce a grind suitable for a cracked grain cereal as some claim. The texture adjustment knob on The Wonder Mill does not really have any effect on flour texture. We recommend leaving The Wonder Mill knob on the far right, to prevent clogging when grinding large grains or beans. The texture adjustment knob on the Nutrimill does produce a slight variation in flour texture, although it greatly affects the grinding speed. The coarsest ouput on the Nutrimill is similar to a very fine meal.

***Each test represented below was conducted with 1 Cup of Hard White Wheat. All of the flour from each test passed through the fine screen except what is shown below.

Grind Comparison
Sample 1Sample 2Sample 3Sample 4
NutrimillNutrimillNutrimillWonder Mill
Coarse/High SettingCoarse/Medium SettingFine/High SettingCoarse Setting
14 Seconds25 Seconds1 Min. 38 Sec.15 Seconds

In a similar test, the Ultramill ground 1 cup of Hard White Wheat in 18 seconds. It ground with results very similar to Sample 3, yet much faster.

In Conclusion

We find the Wonder Mill the easiest mill to use. It consists of the mill itself, the flour canister, a lid for each, and a snap-in cyclo cup, in contrast to the NutriMill's many pieces to manage. The separate flour canister contains the flour and keeps it away from the milling unit, which requires only light dusting or a gently wipe with a damp cloth. The flour canister may be dusted out, quickly hand-washed, or put in the top rack of a dishwasher. However, the NutriMill mill and canister are fitted together in one unit, requiring careful cleaning of the bottom of the mill, as well as the flour canister. It is a consistently messier machine requiring much more clean-up.

Finally, the Wonder Mill Electric Grain Company seems to have a goal of helping customers enjoy and have success with their mill and provides enthusiastic, excellent customer service to that end. NutriMill is similar, but we have been told, they are less enthusiastic about serving their customers.

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