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As a teaching ministry, we have made a great attempt not to offer "every product on the market."  We are not a public retailer, but rather offer resources to the Body of Christ, in order that the things which we teach may be more easily implemented. I find it disheartening to visit a website offering several competing kitchen machines and then read their individual write-ups which tell me each is faster, stronger, and all-around better than the other. Hogwash! Sometimes one machine outperforms another at one chore, while itself being outperformed on another chore. In an attempt to save people money, such that there might be more given to God’s work, we often lean toward a less expensive option, but not at a great sacrifice to quality or performance.

We have attempted to fairly evaluate the three major dough/kitchen machines on the market, for your benefit as well as ours. We have placed the greatest weight upon how the unit performs at kneading large amounts of bread dough, as this is where most units fall short. If you are most interested in a blender or a food processor, buy a good quality machine at your favorite discount retailer or warehouse store (many are available for well under $100). If you are only making one or two small loaves of bread at a time, a small stand mixer with a dough hook will probably work great. The Kitchen Aid® has a great reputation and would have been included in our evaluation, but even their largest model is very limited in capacity. If you are looking for a machine to really make bread, the following are our findings:

WonderMix Deluxe
WonderMix Deluxe
Bosch Universal Plus
Bosch Universal Plus
MSRP: $379.95MSRP: $799.95MSRP: 419.99
Heavy-duty plastic bowlHeavy-duty stainless bowl
Medium-duty plastic bowl
Medium-duty plastic bowl
5½ Quart Capacity8 Quart Capacity6½ Quart Capacity
Super QuietSuper QuietNot Quiet
900 Watts*600 Watts*800 Watts*
Very powerful*Very powerful*Powerful*
Heavy-duty dough hookHeavy-duty dough hookMedium-duty dough hook
3 Speeds with PulseVariable Speed with Timer4 Speeds with Pulse
Blender IncludedNo BlenderNo Blender
13 Pounds19 Pounds12.75 Pounds
Lifetime Warranty
3-years on motor assembly
1-year warranty
5-years on motor assembly
1-year warranty
3-years on motor assembly

*Remember that a wattage rating is how much power it consumes, not how much it produces. For example there are 20-watt light bulbs, which produce the same light as a normal 75-watt bulb. Why? Because it is more efficient! The same is even truer with motors. Many produce lots of noise or heat, instead of torque.

Our Conclusion: If price were no object, we would recommend the Ankarsrum/Electrolux as a superior machine. However at over twice the price of the WonderMix, there is not a sufficient performance difference to warrant the price difference. What the WonderMix may lack in quality, it makes up by standing behind it with a lifetime warranty.

Due to the many problems we have had not only with the K-Tec Kitchenetics K2/Champ, but also with the manufacturer, we highly recommend against K-Tec products.

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