Manual Grain Roller/Flaker

The Marga Mulino Manual Grain Roller/Flaker

Never liked oatmeal? We think you will change your mind!

Freshly processed grains retain the natural oils, flavor and nutrients missing from the products purchased from the grocery store, or even a health-food store. Because of this, oatmeal made out of freshly rolled oat “groats” and plain water is creamier than any commercial version. The options are endless... Try making homemade wheatmeal, cream-of-wheat, ryemeal with raisins or multi-grain cereals. In fact, use just about any soft grain and you will find it is delicious plain, with a little salt or with your favorite fresh or dried fruits.

The Marga Mulino Oat Roller/Flaker has enabled our family to enjoy a hearty, nutritious, easy and quick breakfast (not to mention delicious and inexpensive) for many years. In just a few minutes you can enjoy your favorite warm cereals, crack grains or make coarse flour for homemade breads. This durable, high quality, roller/flaker processes grains using an easy-to-turn handle to operate the three internal rollers and deposits flakes in the collection basin. This is so easy, even when our children were only four or five years old they loved being assigned this daily task.

Manual Grain Flaker/Mill

The Marga Mulino Manual Oat Roller and Grain Flaker/Mill is manufactured of the highest quality materials. It functions through the use of three highly tempered steel rollers operated by the handle. The distance and function of the rollers can be adjusted by the five-position regulating knob. In position one, the rollers turn at different speeds, producing old-fashioned grist style flour for making breads, pastas and desserts. In the other four positions only rollers 1 and 2 operate producing flakes of various thicknesses from old-fashioned steel-cut oats to quick-style oats.

This mill performs especially well when flaking any soft grain. If you are looking for a hand mill which will grind virtually any grain or bean, regardless of size, check out the Corona Mill and enjoy even fresh grits, polenta, and tortillas. The options are endless.

Beware of other flakers, even if they look very similar, that are not stamped All-Steel. Some manufacturers are now making the rollers out of aluminum, instead of tempered steel. (Read our FAQ for why aluminum is bad for your health.) Flakers with aluminum parts often strip out because the the aluminum is too soft. Worse yet, when the aluminum wears away, aluminum powder falls into the collection bin with the freshly rolled grain, poisoning your healthy food. Our flakers still maintain the original quality specifications, and their rollers are made out of tempered steel.

For more information, see our page on how to use freshly milled grains.

Marga Mulino Manual Grain Roller/Flaker Benefits

  • Makes the freshest and healthiest grain products in minutes
  • Simple & easy operation—even a five-year-old can do it
  • Quick and easy clamp-on installation
  • Self-cleaning—simply dust off after use (brush included)

Marga Mulino Manual Grain Roller/Flaker Performance

  • Flakes any soft grain such as oats, rye, barley, buckwheat, soft wheat, and spelt
  • Grinds virtually every soft grain into old-fashioned, grist-style flour
  • Produces cracked-grain cereals or homemade bulgar wheat

Marga Mulino Manual Grain Roller/Flaker Specifications

  • Chrome-plated steel construction for long-lasting beauty
  • Three highly-tempered steel rollers
  • Durable shockproof plastic handle, hopper, and catcher
  • No internal plastic parts to break or wear out
  • Dimensions—6.5" W × 6" D × 8.5" H
  • Weight—6 pounds
  • Full three-year warranty

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