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Who wants to eat grits without butter?

Freshly processed grains retain the natural oils, flavor and nutrients missing from the products purchased from the grocery store, or even a health-food store. Because of this, grits made out of freshly ground corn, plain water and a little salt are richer and more flavorful than any commercial version. Most commercial corn products have had the corn oil chemically extracted from them prior to reaching the marketplace. Some of this corn oil is then hydrogenated (a big no-no) and marketed as margarine, only to be added back to grits and cornbread. Fresh grits and cornbread have never been robbed of their God-given nutrients and the flavor and freshness testify to it!

The options are endless... Try making homemade cream-of-wheat, cracked multi-grain cereals, fresh corn tortillas, polenta or even real old-fashioned cornbread! The Corona Grain Mill also grinds most every kind of bean for making Ezekiel Bread or authentic south-of-the-border refried beans.

For more information, see our page on how to use freshly milled grains

The Corona® Manual Corn, Bean and Grain Mill has brought a flavorful zest and authenticity to our family’s corn products in particular. The fresh corn flavor adds what no chef can to our enchiladas, polenta pie or grist-ground cornbread. We even take this mill on camping trips! In just minutes we have flour to bake bread over the open fire and the next morning, using a coarser grind, we have a hearty cream of wheat cereal.

The Corona® Mill is manufactured in Colombia for the rugged use of South American kitchens. Made out of the finest quality cast-iron, guarantees a long life. The tin plating prevents rust and makes it a snap to dust off after use.

Corona Corn Mill Benefits

  • Makes the freshest and healthiest grain products in minutes
  • Simple & easy operation
  • Quick and easy clamp-on installation
  • Self-cleaning—simply dust off after use

Corona Corn Mill Performance

  • Easily adjusts to grind coarse to fine for virtually every need from cracked grains and meal to old-fashioned, grist-style flour
  • Grinds virtually any grain or bean, regardless of size

Corona Corn Mill Specifications

  • Rugged and high-quality
  • Cast iron construction for durability
  • Tin-plated steel—no aluminum parts!
  • Durable handle and hopper
  • No internal plastic parts to break or wear out
  • Dimensions—6" W × 12" D × 15" H
  • Weight—10 pounds

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